Meet the Media Guru
in collaboration with Innovation & Craft Society
presents Anouk Wipprecht

  • La Triennale di Milano - Viale Alemagna 6, Milano

An internationally-known engineer, designer and fashion designer, Wipprecht designs micro-controlled garments using bio-mimetics and machine learning systems, combined with animatronic technology, and then creates these garments using the most advanced 3D printing techniques.

His lecture at Meet the Media Guru aims to answer the question: ‘What is creativity in manufacture 4.0 times?’ and this is why his lecture is being promoted by the Innovation and Craft Society.

The Innovation and Craft Society is a task force created by Banca IFIS, Stefano Micelli and the Triennale of Milan and devoted to the highly-digitalised manufacturing industry. Its purpose is to discuss and share Digital Transformation in manufacturing and it aims to be a privileged observer of emerging dynamics in the digitalization of manufacturing activities. It is a place where businesses, researchers, institutions and representatives of the financial world can deepen their knowledge and share their experiences, opinions and information.

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