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Berto Textile Industry


Berto Textile Industry was founded in 1887 in Bovolenta, a little town near Padua, by two brilliant brothers: Giuseppe and Egidio Berto. The company, historically linked to its surroundings, throughout these years has increased and has strengthened the efforts to maintain the whole production in its historical establishments and today the company is proud to be part of the Italian denim production chain.

For our company the Made in Italy is not a mere style issue, it means Italian production chain, workers’ and territorial respect. A long story of textile knowledge, a great devotion to work, a unique company that has been able to preserve and transmit in different sectors its cultural baggage and its precious know-how. Since its origins, Berto has been able to constantly reinvent itself: the company started as a manufacturer of sailcloth fabrics for the sailing vessels of the near Venice, to then move to the production of workwear, home textiles, tablecloths, shirting and finally the DENIM. This long route has turned Berto into a strong company that offers a wide and costume made range of products, with a flexible manufacturing system. Berto is a company close to its costumers.

Tradition is not synonym of old manufacturing system, tradition is the knowledge source; for Berto tradition and innovation are not antagonists, they cooperate, the first contaminate the second and vice versa. The company has bravely listened to the market laws and, respecting the ancient tradition, has developed sophisticated technologies for brand new products. The artisanal approach is perfectly linked to the modern industrial system.

We should define Berto as a contemporary artisan: technicality and manual skills combine together with a modern knowledge giving birth to exceptional products. Our knowledge of tendencies, our workmanship, our craftsmanship, together with the constant research and innovation have made the company a special partner, perfect for those looking for a customized service characterized by the typical artisan care and attention. A product for all the specific customer’s needs. Our projects take shape in different environment, apparently not correlated with the DENIM world: from the accessories to the furniture, from technical fabric to haute couture.