Le aziende del club

Berto Salotti

The story of the Fine Upholstery Tailoring BertO has changed the world of the artisan firms in Italy.

During the ’50s two brothers, Fioravante and Carlo Berto, decided to move from Veneto to the region of Brianza where they started working as upholsterers. Even if they were young, they had the opportunity to work in the biggest upholstery companies and laboratories of this area.

It is about during 1974 when they decided to work by themselves and open their own laboratory. The production slowly increased together with the number of people employed in the company.

By the end of ‘90s Fioravante’s son, Filippo, got into the family business and created a digital narrative laboratory inside the firm.

Thanks to the web the firm BertO has increased his production tenfold and has become an international, successful example: Google has selected BertO among the most innovative PMI European companies.

BertO produces sofas and furniture accessories totally custom made and on demand; you can visit our e-commerce website and contact us from all over the world: our website is translated into six different languages.