Le aziende del club


Baldi collections are at a crossroad between the richness of the past and the lightness of contemporary languages and they are the result of the merging between antique florentine techniques and know-how together with precious materials.
Baldi is strongly influenced by the Renaissance. All its products are 100% hand-made in Florence and hold an intrinsic value of craftsmanship.
Vincenzo Consani, Baldi’s ancestor and sculptor of the Canova School, transmitted his refined taste to the following generations, leaving a timeless mark of elegance which is still tangible in nowadays Baldi’s works of art.
The company historical background and artistic tradition represent the key to its product’s uniqueness.
Attention to details and use of precious materials are the fundamental components enhancing Baldi’s expertise and artisanship.
Baldi’s growing ambition led to invest always more in innovation and new technologies to give shape to its intuitions.